The Serra do Mar Lagamar Region is the nucleus of the Atlantic Forest Great Reserve, as much for its central position as for its incredible, awe-inspiring, natural variety of life and landscape. It’s all  down hill from here, including the Atlantic Ocean, with its beautiful bays, islands and sandy beaches.

Within this region are some of the colonial cities previously mentioned, including Morretes, Antonina and the port city of Paranaguá, and the smaller caiçara towns and communities, including Guaraqueçaba, Ilha Rasa and Superagui. Paranaguá Bay is the second largest Brazilian bay, with calm waters and small islands and mangroves and the magical scenario they bring together here where wildlife abounds. Scarlet Ibises, Neotropical cormorants, Red-tailed Parrots, and Brown Boobies can all be seen perched or flying overhead anywhere in the bay. In the coastal range, coastal plain, submontane and montane forests are thick with life, often cut by crystal clear rivers and creeks with their many waterfalls and rapids. Two private reserves provide wonderful views of these falls – Salto Morato and Guaricica. Along the coast, Superagui National Park and Ilha do Mel State Park both offer many different kids of natural opportunities and comfortable accomodations. The restinga, and many paradisiacal beaches are right within reach. Superagui is the jumping off point for finding the threatened and endemic Black-faced Lion Tamarin. Nearby, the historical, narrow, cobblestone highway – Estrada da Graciosa – connects Curitiba with the lowlands with its long, winding descent with many wondeful views. The highway BR 277 also connects the two, for the those in more of a hurry.